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Rota Bor Cutters

Euro-Cut’s premium range of high speed Rota Bors are proven in their daily use in many kinds of applications. Their unique geometry helps to achieve a faster feed, a lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy and a better finish.

Available in two standard cutting depths, 25mm (short reach) and 50mm (long reach), in diameters of 10mm to 40mm in 1mm increments and are designed for use on electro-magnetic drilling machines.

Note: larger diameter and longer cutters can be made to order

Short Reach (25mm Cutting Depth)

Long Reach (50mm Cutting Depth)

size (mm) list each (£)
10mm 17.42
12mm 17.42
13mm 17.42
14mm 17.42
15mm 17.79
16mm 18.17
17mm 18.55
18mm 18.93
19mm 19.17
20mm 19.68
21mm 20.41
22mm 20.93
23mm 21.44
24mm 21.92
25mm 22.44
26mm 22.95
27mm 23.44
28mm 23.95
29mm 24.46
30mm 24.95
size (mm) list each (£)
31mm 29.21
32mm 30.73
33mm 31.75
34mm 35.78
35mm 38.80
36mm 40.80
37mm 41.80
38mm 42.31
39mm 43.31
40mm 44.82
Pins 8.56
size (mm) list each (£)
10mm 23.73
12mm 23.73
13mm 23.73
14mm 23.73
15mm 23.98
16mm 25.25
17mm 26.00
18mm 27.00
19mm 27.76
20mm 28.76
21mm 29.75
22mm 30.27
23mm 30.78
24mm 31.54
25mm 32.02
26mm 32.78
27mm 33.80
28mm 35.48
29mm 36.32
30mm 37.31
31mm 38.31
32mm 41.34
33mm 42.34
34mm 44.60
size (mm) list each (£)
35mm 46.68
36mm 47.87
37mm 48.63
38mm 48.84
39mm 50.14
40mm 52.41
Pins 11.07


50mm 79.00
Cut & Tap Oil (per can) 7.29

Wire Cup Brushes

Euro-Cut’s wire cup brushes come in Crimped and Twist Knot, both for use on portable angle grinders.

Crimped Cup Brushes

The Crimped wire cup cleans surfaces with less aggressive action than the twist knot cup, applications include cleaning and removal of paint and oxides on most materials, including metal, stone and concrete.

dimensions (mm) list each (£) box qty
75mm x M10 8.10 1’s
75mm x M14 8.10 1’s
90mm x M14 10.80 1’s
125mm x M14 16.15 1’s

Twist Knot Cup Brushes

The Twist Knot give an extremely aggressive action, applications include the removal of paint, enamel, scale and corrosion and the cleaning of weld seams and spot welds on most materials such as metal, stone and concrete.

dimensions (mm) list each (£) box qty
65mm x M10 10.80 1’s
75mm x M14 13.50 1’s
100mm x M14 22.01 1’s
120mm x M14 24.30 1’s

Twist Knot Wire Wheels

Euro-Cut’s wire wheels are for use with fixed or hand held machines. Used for the removal of paint and hard scale rust, adhesive, rubber flashing and for cleaning welds on metal, can also be used on stone and concrete.

dimensions (mm) list each (£) box qty
100mm x 16mm 16.20 1’s
110mm x 22mm 17.55 1’s
125mm x 22mm 20.25 1’s
150mm x 22mm 23.25 1’s
200mm x 22mm 31.05 1’s
300mm x 20/25mm 54.00 1’s

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Bench Grinding Wheels

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Stone Cup Grinding

Surface Conditioning

Wire Wool

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